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Visit our new location @ 510 Wilson St. Brewer, ME.
( Across from Dairy Queen )


Our Augusta location is closed


Our new home is almost three times larger and we’ll have Laser Tag, Archery Tag, Re-Ball, Bounce Houses, inflatable Slides and more!


Plus a Giant Arcade 50+ Games and Growing.

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Welcome to G-Force Adventures!


     We have a wide selection of interactive games and entertainment options available at our Store located in The Marketplace at Augusta. We feature a variety of arcade games that are updated and continue to grow all the time. On top of this we support and maintain a variety of revolving activities right here in the store.


     Our most known and popular activity here is G-Force Laser Tag.   We feature custom made and maintained equipment as well as support an exciting atmosphere to play laser tag with lights, music and a fog machine to enhance game-play. Every week we change up the course to ensure customers have a different experience each time they come in to play. We are happy to have a designated course in the store so that way laser tag is available for players anytime the store is open.

      We are an officially licensed Archery Tag® center and are happy to be able to support customers in their mission to get their archery fix. The name of the game is simple each player gets two arrows and must tag players on the opposing team to gain points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can also gain points by shooting the enemy team’s 5 targets. (We do require that you wear protective gear in the form of a helmet) We make this available to people every day of the week except for Thursdays.


     We look forward to also introducing our customers to Re-Ball a concept very much akin to paintball. The game works in much the same way paintball would in a team based environment. We plan to have obstacles to take cover behind. Basically, it’s like a game of paintball but without the mess and more affordable. The balls are designed with a different material then paint which makes then cleaner, safer, and lastly reusable.


     We also support a fun range of games for a different style of play. For instance Hoverball® takes our Archery Tag® concept and brings it to a target shooting range. Players will be given a pile of arrows with which to shoot hovering balls that move up and down. Shooting these balls requires not only a test of precision but also patience. If you are skilled enough to shoot multiple balls consecutively you could win a free game of laser tag!


     For those who like an old school match up who could forget the infamous Air Hockey table? Now sporting a black light and a dynamic color display we have stylized this table to pop to the eye. Don’t let those colors distract you from watching the puck. The game is fun for people of all ages to enjoy a quick bout of competition with a friend (or foe?).


     Lastly there is our growing gambit of arcade games that we are currently adding to our selection. They are guaranteed to have something to appeal to gamers of many different tastes. Remember that we are constantly adding new arcade games all the time.


     If shooting games is your thing then line up for a true experience with Both Terminator: Salvation™ and Time Crisis 4™! Starting in a post-apocalyptic setting Terminator: Salvation™ puts players in the heart of an ongoing war against sentient robots from the future. Equipped with a trusty rifle and grenades players must take out various robots designed to eliminate the human race in this heart pounding adaptation of the popular Terminator™ movie Franchise. Next Time Crisis 4™ is a unique concept to the shooting game genre allowing players both a gun and pedal with which to pop out from behind cover to take shots at opponents. Equipped with a variety of weapons (pistols, machine guns, grenade launches, shotguns, etc) players must face both human and biologically designed weapons to make it past various stages either alone or working together to make it out alive. Using an exclusive pedal design players press down on with their foot allowing them to come out from behind cover to take shoots at enemies.


     If driving is more of your thing then we have just the fast paced adrenaline fueled games for you. First up is “Fast and Furious™: Super Cars™” based on the hit movie Franchise “Fast and Furious™”. In this arcade game you can link up with other players to play head to head or by yourself in 27 different tracks with a variety of supped up cars. It also features the standard Pin account for loyalty members to access their created profile and continue building their legacy. Play alone or with a friend in this thrilling new addition to the “Fast and Furious™” game franchise. If an action based driving game akin to Twisted Metal™ is more your thing, then try out our “Batman™” driving game! Based in the city of Gotham™ players take on the role of Batman™ riding around the city taking out enemies with various weapons as he races towards various objectives in a variety of vehicles (Gee Whilikers!). Do you have what it takes to stop The Joker™ and other supervillains in this action-packed racing game?


      But wait! Maybe you’re a fan of both shooting games as well as navigating an environment , well if that’s the case we have just the game for you. Try Deadstorm Pirates™ and be thrust into navigating the deadly seas in an attempt to claim “Poseidon’s Breath” either by yourself or with a friend. Players take hold of a mounted gun with which to shoot incoming enemies all while using the ships steering wheel to take control of the ship and the course of the game. Designed to appeal to gamers of both genre’s this action-packed game will have you fighting for your life against the undead and various ocean creatures to claim the sea’s ultimate prize.


     For those who prefer more of a strategic and technical game in a 1v1 environment we have the intense and colorful fighting game Marvel Superheroes™! An intense fighting game where players take control of some of Marvels greatest heroes and villains in a head to head combat game designed to see who will reign supreme. Filled with special moves, combos and hyper realistic action embedded in various colorful and intricate fighting stages. Do you have what it takes to collect all of the Infinity Stones™ from Thanos™?


     We know not everyone is used to games that require such in depth understanding of controls and rules so we have just the thing for you as well. We are proud to introduce both the Ms.Pacman™ arcade game and The Addams Family™ Pinball Machine™. Try your luck evading ghosts while trying to collect all the dots and as much fruit as possible with Ms.Pacman™. Also included in this machine are bonus retro arcade games such as Dig-Dug™, Donkey Kong ™ and many more. With the Addams Family™ Pinball Machine™ go back in time and become a pinball wizard as you try to rack up as many points as possible by tossing the metallic ball around the course. Don’t worry it’s not “creepy and kooky or mysterious and spooky”, it’s fun for all ages!


     Lastly if your stomach is starting to rumble from all the fun or your throats getting dry from the intense action of Laser Tag or any of our other courses we have something that will hit the spot. We feature both an area for beverage vending machines, as well as food at the front both from chocolates, chips, and other snacks to get some energy. If you’re willing to test your luck we also feature a candy claw machine designed for those with a sweet tooth in mind. As an added bonus we put in free laser tag game tickets for players to find! Try and see how much candy you can make out with in this colorful yet tasteful candy claw game “the Sweet Shoppe™”.


     So come on down to G-Force Laser Tag dba G-Force Adventures located in The Marketplace at Augusta. There is something fun here to do for everyone. Whether it’s testing your mettle in Laser Tag, going head to head or working together with friends in various arcade games we have something for you. Also don’t forget we provide a variety of couches for those just looking to relax while their kids or friends enjoy themselves.

G-Force Laser Tag is always open to the public during regular business hours.
No need to make a reservation just come in and get ready to have fun

Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome


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